Painting BIG with Connie Hozvicka

So my BIG, Fearless painting class with Connie over at Dirty Footprints Studio is officially over even though my final project remains half finished on my easel.  It will get done but right now dealing with the passing of my father-in-law has taken priority for a couple weeks. 

What can I say about BIG.  I can say it is hard, really hard but like anything new in our lives it is so, so, so worth the effort.  I learned that there are so many ways that my mind disquises fear and how to recognize them and push on despite them.  I learned that if my intuition says start painting a mermaid don't fight it for a week just paint the darn thing because that is what you are going to paint in the end anyway.  I learned to reach for the bright colors I normally would ignore.  I learned that the cat will indeed walk across the wet paint on my artwork creating his own work of art across the hardwood floor. 

What I just can't really express is how BIG changed me inside.  I can feel the change, I know it has happen but it is so hard to express exactly what changed.  It feels like all of me is bigger.  Even outside my painting practice I have been playing big.  I jumped backwards off the zipline platform over 100 feet in the air, I applied for the promotion I don't think I have any chance of getting because my intuition told me I would regret not applying and I told a friend who had really hurt me months ago that I was angry with them because I no longer wanted to hold it inside.  These are just a few of the life changes I experienced.

The artwork I created during this course is certainly not remarkable, except perhaps for the size of some it  but then again BIG isn't about the artwork, it is about the process and that is one thing Connie told us right from the start.  So if anyone out there is looking to expand their horzions, learn to listen to their intuition and trust their creative source I would highly recommend you go visit Connie over here

Below is my last fully finished project from BIG, the final one is still in the works, this is the mermaid that had to fight me for a week in order to get painted.  In case it isn't obvious from the picture this is over six feet tall.

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morningDove said...

i love this post and how you've grown big in so many ways. so glad you stopped fighting and created this beautiful mermaid. sorry to hear of the passing of FIL - i loved my FIL, the only dad i ever knew and still miss him today. i'll be looking her to see your last official BIG painting.

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