A new move

There are a few loyal people who always take the time to look at my humble artwork when I post it here and leave lovely comments for me.  I just wanted to let all of you know that I have moved my blog.  After a lot of hard work I have set up my own domain name and designed my own blog.  If any of you would like to come over for a visit I would love to see and hear from you.  The new blog is www.anewdayartstudio.com

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Black & White

I did a black and white face over the weekend, it was inspired by one of Ariana Almanza's courses over at the Doll Dreams Ning site.  I really liked the way it turned out, I liked the fact that it was kind of rough and uneven, it may actually be one of my favorite paintings yet. 

I then decided to try to do a very similar one again on a piece of wood that I have, I modified it a bit added music sheets as the background and worked some oil pastels on it.  I am quite happy with the second try as well but I still think the first is my favorite, I think it is something about here eyes.  I decided to share them both here.  Do you have a favorite?

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